FACTORY:Fogang Tongqing Ceramics Co.,Ltd

2019精品国产品在线Wangji Industry Zone, Fogang,Qingyuan,Guangdong, China

2019精品国产品在线A manufacturer focus on producing Super Black polished porcelain and related products.

The factory occupies 100,000sqm,

Have advanced production lines with annual capacity of 2,000,000㎡.

We have professional team in R&D and marketing.

2019精品国产品在线Quality is the life of our company,

2019精品国产品在线Work strictly according to ISO9001 quality control system.

2019精品国产品在线We do not make many kinds of porcelain but only Super Black,

That is The Best and Darkest Black Porcelain You Have Ever Seen.

2019精品国产品在线,专营 超黑抛光瓷砖系列 超黑哑光瓷砖系列 超黑板岩瓷砖系列 超黑半抛瓷砖系列 超黑铂金瓷砖系列 推荐产品 等业务,有意向的客户请咨询我们,联系电话:0757-82723808

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